Are Cosmetics Recession-Proof?

Contrary to almost everything else in the current economic downturn, lipstick sells in tough times.

Source: Are Cosmetics Recession-Proof?

With the recent decline is the price of oil, energy industry dominated states are feeling the pangs of recession. Recent job losses are a scary reality to many of my fellow Okies. But perhaps there could be a silver lining for those who are looking for new business opportunities. Cosmetics have continued to be a recession-proof industry and there have been many studies over what economic experts are calling “The Lipstick Effect”. Mary Kay and Avon have dominated the direct sales market for decades, but there is still lots of growth to be anticipated with a (relatively) new company SeneGence. Perhaps you’re familiar with their top selling premiere product LipSense? If you are interested in finding out more about a new career path please read more about that opportunity here.

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