If Your LipSense Isn’t Lasting

I’m fairly new to LipSense as I have only been a distributor for a little over 7 months (and a customer prior to joining), so I am constantly learning new and valuable information, almost daily! Of course all of you LipSense veterans know that there are several factors that play in the longevity of the color; the first is application. You’ll hear this time and time again, because application and technique are often the culprit if your LipSense colors aren’t lasting more than a few hours. Secondly, you’re probably aware that your body’s chemistry and pH levels play a factor in the colors’ lasting ability.This is why LipSense is advertised as lasting anywhere from 4-18+ hours.

But what you might not be aware of is that your chosen color could be playing a huge part in the lasting power. Each tube of color has a varied formulation and mixture of color pigments to arrive at a specific color. Some colors naturally last longer than others because of the different body chemistry of each wearer, but in addition, some colors are thicker or richer in color pigmentations, while others are sheer and thinner. I have personally noticed that Napa doesn’t last as long on me as Roseberry does. I just discovered why this is the case. The LipSense shades that are formulated with Mica, tend to not last as long as the matte finish LipSense shades. Micas create shine and shimmer. They reflect light and are made of particles that are larger than color pigments and may flick off the skin with regular skin movements, such as talking and scraping lip movements like drinking from a cup can facilitate this process. General rule of thumb according to our product knowledge guide, is that you can assume up to an hour of less wear when wearing a Mica color. I simply did not realize this (but, duh it makes perfect sense now)!

So if you are brand new to LipSense Long Lasting Lip Color, I suggest purchasing one of the Matte Colors (to help you choose I have made charts, posted below, of the cool and warm matte shades) first and then adding a Shimmer or Frost to your collection. To help add wear time to one of your Mica colors, try layering with a matte shade as your first layer, followed by your Mica shade as your second and third; but you would most likely have more success if you layered matte, mica, matte. Regardless, this is the most amazing long-lasting lip color on the market!

Warm-Matte Shades

Warm/Yellow Based Matte LipSense Shades

Cool-Matte Shades

9 thoughts on “If Your LipSense Isn’t Lasting

  1. Sara says:

    I know this is an older post, but I using Lipsense for the first time, First Love. It burned horrible the first day I used it and immediately started peeling (I am guessing due to really dry lips). The burning isn’t as bad, but it starts flaking and showing cracks and breaks within the first hour. I don’t know what to do to make it last. Will this get better because right now I do not want to wear it if is going to crack and peel so quickly.

    • christyallenwilson says:

      Hi Sara!

      Yes, if it is burning and peeling really badly, it is because of dry lips. Which who doesn’t have horribly dry lips this time of year?! I would suggest making a simple sugar scrub with coconut oil and sugar or even honey and sugar to use on your lips to really get all of that dead/chapped skin off. Then for a couple days, just use your glossy w/o the color and apply it throughout the day. Or use our lip balm and if you don’t have that, then Vaseline is the best alternative. But DO NOT use Carmax or Chapstick, any product with wax, because LipSense and part of the exfoliating process is riding your lips of the wax buildup. Also, our Icicle LipSense is completely clear and can be used as the 1 layer, then layer your First Love as the Second and top with a third of Icicle and then the gloss. It helps create a smoother finish and helps to make some of the tougher colors last MUCH longer. That color wasn’t out when then entry was originally posted. I don’t want to take business from another SeneSister, so if you already have a distributor check with her to see if she has it. But if not, I have 10 in stock if you’re interested in purchasing! Hope this helps!

      • Sara says:

        Thank you. I will keep exfoliating. It doesn’t burn as bad as it did, but it isn’t lasting longer than a couple hours before it starts flaking from my corners and I’m left with just color in the middle of my lips. Yes, I would like to try the icicle. That will be good to tone down darker colors when I’m brave enough for those. Sark_2000@hotmail.com

      • K hughs says:

        I never had that — guessing that not using main stream cosmetics for several years may have had that effect

    • K hughs says:

      I have not once experienced that HOWEVER I was using 100% natural products for many years before LipSense —Ineeded to qualify with that However I knew someone who had the tingling feeling too

  2. Julie Henrichson says:

    I’ve been using LipSense for 3 months and it still does that! In fact, it is WORSE! I am an all natural girl so I’ve gone for 2 weeks without wearing anything on my lips! NOTHING! My lips felt great but looked naked. Then I started wearing just the gloss. Still having to re-apply every 90 minutes or so. Yes, I drink lots of water. I’m in my 40’s so I am not new to keeping hydrated and healthy or wearing lipstick. I used to sell Mary Kay. So I tried LipSense color again today. I put it on 2 hours ago and it is already peeling and flaking and looks absolutely terrible! Here I am at work and cannot remove it properly so I will be picking it off all day long until it is gone. Forget it – I am sooo done with LipSense! I so badly wanted to believe in it that I got rid of all 55 shades of other lipsticks when I bought this with 3 colors and 2 glosses. Now I have to start from scratch again. SO disappointed! not to mention the high alcohol content that literally burns the inside of my nose. NOT healthy!!

    • christyallenwilson says:

      Julie, get your $$ back! Tell your distributor that you are not happy. It’s a 100% satisfaction guarentee—if she doesn’t agree to it, I’ll contact compliance for you. I’m sorry that this product is not for you.

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