LipSense Commission – Is This Real Life?!

So when I started with the company at the very tail-end of September 2015, I had absolutely zero intention of actually selling LipSense, I just wanted the product discounts (which are awesome, BTW) because paying retail was just not going to fly with my hubby. Well, after spending several months watching my direct uplines teams and businesses just EXPLODE with success, I realized that I truly had an amazing opportunity right there in front of me. I decided that I was going to start giving it my all, in my own way. I’m not a sales-y, pushy personality and I just assumed that was the only way of being successful. But it is not. I have slowly built my team, my personal downline is currently 25 awesome women spanning from 2 countries and 8 states! I just hit a new rank increase this week (whoop, whoop), and my personal sales from January were the highest they have been! I watched 2 of my friends just increase in rank, with a $2,000,000.00 team and almost $1,000,000.oo team (any day now for her) and it’s pretty incredible to watch and be a part of such a life-changing company. While I’m not at that level yet, I know that I will be. It’s been amazing seeing my growth once I started actually putting effort and work into it, so it’s only going up from here!

Not everyone is comfortable sharing what they typically make per commission check, but some are and not in a bragging way, in an inspiring, “this is attainable for all” way. In fact, someone from my team put together these images of how many months they have been selling LipSense and SeneGence and the amount of just their NOVEMBER commission checks (not sales, only commission and just from ONE month)! Prepare to be amazed! There are so many others, this is just an array of time/income. In full disclosure, my November was 14 months and $348 commission, but over $1,600 in sales!

Hopefully, I’ll come back to update this post in a year and be able to report a $40K per month check. I do like to refer to this as magic money, because what other industry/company advances you and compensates so well in such a short period of time?!

Want to find out more? Ask questions? Get involved in a ground floor (and groundbreaking) opportunity? I’d be happy to help in any way I can!

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