LipSense Giveaway: 3 Uses for LipSense

Because I have awesome blog followers who aren’t following me on Facebook  or Instagram I wanted to share my fun LipSense Giveaway! And my newest discovery with the Espresso LipSense from the limited-edition Tuscany collection.

Well today I ran out of contacts and was forced to wear my glasses, so I needed something to really make my brows stand out and I am running low on my go-to ShadowSense in Bronze Shimmer, so I decided to give the Espresso LipSense a shot. And I LOVE it! Used it as my eyeliner, too and the 1st layer on my lips! Topped with a mystery color. If you can guess correctly what I used for the next 2 layers, you win a free color (your choice of the 2)! If there is a tie I’ll draw! Although, I don’t know if I’ll want to part with my Espresso, since I’m loving it for my eyes! ShadowSense is one of our more versatile products, but it’s pretty awesome that I can use my lip color that lasts up to 18+ hours on my eyes too.


Here are two color charts to help you out! I think you’ll be surprised which color is used to create this combination. Post your guesses in the comments below! I’ll choose a winner here, and on my social pages.


12 thoughts on “LipSense Giveaway: 3 Uses for LipSense

  1. Nicole says:

    Is it Violette?
    Also, what did you use (tools) to apply the lipsense on your eyes and eyebrows? Is there any risk using it on your eyes? I definitely wanna try it for my eyebrows!

    • christyallenwilson says:

      Not Violette! For my eyebrows, I just used the LipSense applicator and my eyebrow brush. Then for my eyeliner, I use a small eyeliner brush. You have to work fast because it dries very quickly. It hasn’t caused any eye irritation for me, and I’ve gotten it in my eyes! I don’t believe there is any risk, but since there is the SD40 alcohol, it should just be avoided!

    • christyallenwilson says:

      Thank you! I’m just going to cave and tell you girls, since I had a Facebook and Insta winner…but it’s Fire N Ice! Kinda crazy the color combinations that you can create with these! Since I didn’t have a winner for the contest on the blog, my consolation prize is 10% off your order this month and free shipping.

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