Spring Lippies

With help from Allure, I’m mapping out the top 7 spring lipstick trends and which LipSense color and/or gloss is going to get you the crave-worthy looks that will be on everyone’s lips—literally.

Spring Lip Trends


I love a gorge matte, red; it’s classic, elegant and never goes out of style. My LipSense picks are SheLaLa and Cranberry. While we do have a lovely Crimson Red, it’s got a little shimmer to it—these two colors are matte, and topped with our LipSense Matte Gloss you will have a perfect pout that lasts allllll day! To purchase the Cranberry LipSense, SheLaLa Lipsense or the Matte LipSense Gloss email me (Christy) at everlastingbeautyco@gmail.com. Limited quantities available, so snag one of these lovelies soon!

Next up, magenta lips. I’m not a pink person, I wish I was because I would love to rock this trend, but I feel like a trampy clown when I try. But I love how the 3 shades I have chosen for this Fuscia (yes, that is how it’s spelled-no idea why), Kiss for a Cause and Razzberry are the perfect magenta shades. Top with any of our glosses, but I think that the Rose Gloss would be a lovely pair. All of these beauties, may be purchased by emailing me here!

Electric Orange, which hello, can be achieved with our gorgeous Electric Tangerine. I love this shade for Spring and Summer. This is one of our Limited Edition shades, but because I adore this shade, I stocked up on plenty! (You’re welcome-insert wink.) Again to purchase this limited edition LipSense shade email me directly here.

Baby Blue is probably not a trend I would try; but if you’re hip, you go gurl! Did you know that our ShadowSense eyeshadows can be used as a long-lasting lip color (in addition to many other uses)? For $22 this is a steal!! I use mine for concealer, blush, eyebrows, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow (duh) and lipstick! I love a multi-use tool and this just makes my weird OCD self, so happy! So if you want to give this a shot, get down with your bad self and purchase it here!

Chestnut Rose for the (clothed) nude lady, haha! I love a deep nude and these are some great color options, Honey Rose LipSense will get you that perfect blend of an underlying rose; the other options are great too—Hazelnut LipSense and Praline Rose LipSense, topped with our Rose Gloss will be gorgeous!! To purchase these awesome shades, email me here.

Last but not least, I’m throwing the final two together, glitter and silvery gloss. LipSense glosses can be worn by themselves or topped with any of our 70+ long lasting lip colors to get the prettiest sparkling lips that won’t budge all day! My picks for this trend, Gold Glitter Gloss, Silver Glitter Gloss and our limited edition Diamond Kiss Gloss (which is made with REAL finely crushed diamonds). I feel so fancy wearing it (wink) but actually I really do. Again, claim yours here.

If you’re interested in signing up as a LipSense distributor (because come on you get discounts from 20-50% off retail, it’s pretty wonderful) you can also shoot me an email and I would love to provide you with information or answer any questions you might have. There is no pressure or minimums with this company; you can make it what you to! I think there might be just a few links to my email above, ha, but here it is again everlastingbeautyco@gmail.com.

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