Summer Must Haves

I am a shopaholic ( I know, so shocking) but while I do like to splurge on skincare/makeup and staple pieces, you might be surprised that I am actually a frugal, bargain shopper! Adam might disagree, but he has no idea how bad it actually could be. I digress; here are my FAVE summer finds from SheIn. Sidenote: I’m obsessed with this site because they have incredible prices, the pieces are actually great quality and you can always find great promo codes! I just went to town with the post surgery online shopping, but with deals like this, I have zero guilt!

I’m not gonna lie, I made fun of the pom-pom trend at first, but like most things had to put my foot in my mouth…I might have gone overboard, but again, you can’t beat these prices!

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Pom Pom Lace Up Flats HOT CORAL   Bardot Pom Pom Trim Dress    14922193066000372610    14938606024874452957    14870440774655961769    14893689371824049912


Okay, onto my other summer items! I’m OBSESSED with bell sleeves, fluted sleeves, and peplum errrrthang, as my shopping cart would reveal. Also, now that I’m on the BOD of the Junior League of OKC, I needed to get more business-attire pieces to mix into my wardrobe.

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14901452956008458076    14925643290247786718   14798646960366056682

1464246435387944766    14770152269278108268    14883308089806019811

14804682903396264385   14912027921816036954   14762374240253180231

1464163124505133276   14901778131185335632   14710736439658427037


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This is clearly not summer attire, but we have had some crazy, bi-polar weather here in OK and I have been wanting a leather moto-jacket so badly so I could wear it out on these random chilly evenings. I have super expensive taste and the real one I want is $3K, so I’m obvi going to have to hold off on that purchase. I might have missed the window of opportunity to wear this soon, but with a price of $45 and over 350 5-Star reviews, I couldn’t pass up this purchase!



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