Logo Contest Ending Tonight


Okay, I have not forgotten about my offer of helping me to select a new logo, for a chance to win a prize! Life has been super crazed and this got placed on the backburner—but I am ready to hit the ground running with my rebranding!

All you have to do is simply select your ONE favorite from the following and you will be entered a second time if you have already voted on the previous post (via Facebook or on the blog) or once if this is your first time chiming in!

SO, here is the prize! This includes some of my summer must-haves valued at over $145. Deets on what’s included below!

  1. Instantly Ageless ($75)—This is a new box with 50 sachets. It gives you an instant facelift. Pretty amazing, and a great product for us moms who operate on fumes. Check out a live demonstration of this here.
  2. SeneGence LipVolumizer ($50)—Plump lips from the inside out with the most advanced and natural technologies designed to support lasting results of full, pouty lips. It works to increase lip volume up to 20% and lip moisture up to 54% with one month of daily use. Added bonus, it minimizes feathering and fine lines around the mouth with SenePlex® complex for increased cellular renewal. Basically, it’s the bomb. I have 5 in stock, if you need this in your life!
  3. Karuna Hydrating + Face Mask ($8)—single-use, deep conditioning sheet mask to restore dry, dehydrated skin. What it does: This comforting mask is made out of 100 percent natural wood-pulp fiber, allowing pores to fully absorb essential nutrients and nourishing ingredients for ultimate hydration. The refreshing, oil-free formula contains a powerful blend of hyaluronic acid and peptides to renew, aloe vera and chamomile to hydrate, and Chinese licorice and vitamin B to detoxify. Research results: In a clinical test on 20 subjects, ages 18 to 60: – 40% increased hydration!
  4. Hair Ties—Because they are a summer staple.
  5. SeneGence 3-1 for Normal to Oily Skin Sample Pack—this is my daily skincare regimen. I’m wholeheartedly obsessed!
  6. Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips($7.49)— for the box of 6, but you just get a sampling! Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips work like a magnet to instantly lock on to and lift out deep-down dirt, oil and blackheads. In just 10 minutes, you’ll remove weeks’ worth of buildup, see 3x less oil and achieve your deepest clean.
  7. Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask($7.49)— fir the box of 6, but againg you get a sampling! This mask gives you purified pores in just 1 minute. This unique formula heats on contact with water to open pores and draw out pore-clogging dirt and oil, then cools leaving skin tightly smooth and refreshed. With Natural Charcoal, known for its ability to draw out impurities and trap them. I love the way my skin feels so fresh right after!
  8. UVO($50 )—I  haven’t tried this yet, because I’m not sitting out in the sun with my arm sling, so you can try it out first! But it’s the first multi-functional drink mix supplement specifically formulated by a dermatologist to protect and repair your skin from sun damage.

Website Updates & New Look

Hi, friends!

I need your help with selecting a new logo! I desperately need to streamline some things and de-clutter this site, as well as update a TON of information, since there is some outdated info (mainly LipSense Distributor info, color charts, etc.) and with that, I’ve decided to rebrand and revamp!

Here are some options and variations that I need to dwindle down, so if you would so kindly select your favorite 1 or 2, I will love you forever! And if my love is not good enough for you, then how about this as an incentive, I’ll enter everyone who participates in a drawing for a free gift! I’m not going to reveal what it is just yet, but I promise it’s a good one and you won’t want to miss out.


I sincerely appreciate your help, even if you’re only participating for the freebie 😉



Morphe Brushes -Monthly Subscription Box!

MorpheMe June Collection

OMG – I can barely contain my excitement (insert the jazz hand, excited emoji)!! I literally just now discovered LiveGlam and more importantly, their monthly Morphe Brush Subscription! Which ships out in 11 hours – so once I get my first box, I’ll let y’all know what I think!

Here are some deets: For $19.99 a month, with free shipping for US residents, each month you’ll get anywhere from 3-7 new Morphe brushes. Never the same brush twice. You can skip months, or cancel at any time. I’m a hoarder and product junkie, so my manta is that you can never have too much of anything, but I do think that at some point Adam would strongly suggest that I hold off…so I will prob skip (with serious FOMO) several months.

Here is a sneak peak of the 3 brushes I’ll be getting and how this professional makeup artist uses them. I’m just sure I’ll become a pro a no time! Totally joking, because if you didn’t see my Facebook Live video on the EBC page, go check it out for a good laugh, #hotmessexpress!

Also worth mentioning, they have a monthly Lipstick (you know I won’t be trying this, because duh, #LipSense4Life) and Nail Polish boxes too (I just might)!

Enjoy! And drop a line to let me know if you decide to join too and what you think of it! As soon as I get mine, y’all will be the first to hear about it!



Color Obsessed-Matching Your Lipstick to Your Outfit

This might not come as a surprise, but regardless of the fact that I am a total Type B personality, I’m also slightly OCD with having things even and matching. Some (much trendier people than myself) can pull off the contrasting color look, but I’m just not as cool. Also, I do think that matching your lipstick to elements of your outfit can add a powerful punch!

I have lots of updates and changes that I need to make on this site, as some info is outdated and there are many pages currently in progress, but eventually, the Looks to Love page will house various looks for outfit inspiration! But for now, here are a few of my fave new-ish purchases.


Kenneth Jay Jane Triple Tier Earrings ($88) don’t be mad, but I actually got mine from Baublebar ($48), but they are sold out! Another pair that is similar (but is a pink and red ombre) here or another similar red option here.

Tassel earrings in ‘blush’ from Baublebar ($32)IMG_3575


I’m not going to lie, Party Pink has been my kinda party-until now! I got these amazeball, pom-pom earrings in ‘Hot Pink’ from Baublebar ($32) apparently they’re sold out, but you can get on the waitlist! Or there is this other great pair, here.

More to come, my fellow lipstick loving, friends!





P.S. How beautiful are those lip pics from fellow senesister (she’s on Insta as @perpetualpucker)?! and since I occasionally wear my advertising/marketing hat and have a slight obsession with matching Pantone colors, I added the matching Pantone shade (yes, I’m a dork) but I wanted to thank Candi, for sharing her pics with us!

Summer Skin Essentials

As I sit here in bed, a prisoner to shoulder surgery recovery, with time on my hand (yes, singular); I’ve decided that working on some blog entries is the most productive use of my free time! Bonus for you, I’m on painkillers so this could be pretty entertaining (thank the Lord for Grammarly and spellcheck).

Up first in my beauty repertoire is Summer Skin Essentials for Gorgeous Glowing Skin. Below, find out the product deets of my fave daily/weekly skincare products for glowing, hydrated skin. I have mentioned before that I am a beauty product junkie and skincare snob, so rest assured these are the BEST, tried and true products.


Deep conditioning sheet masks to restore dry, dehydrated skin.KARUNA HYDRATING+ FACE MASK ($8-$28) single-use, deep conditioning sheet masks to restore dry, dehydrated skin. This comforting mask is made out of 100 percent natural wood-pulp fiber, allowing pores to fully absorb essential nutrients and nourishing ingredients for ultimate hydration. The refreshing, oil-free formula contains a powerful blend of hyaluronic acid and peptides to renew, aloe vera and chamomile to hydrate, and Chinese licorice and vitamin B to detoxify. Research results: In a clinical test on 20 subjects, ages 18 to 60: – 40% increased hydration.

Mineral Peel faceO.R.G. SKINCARE MINERAL PEEL FACE  ($44) *if you were to purchase only ONE item from this post, this would be it* The first of its kind, O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face is a unique spray-on exfoliant that instantly removes dermal debris, dead skin, and pore impurities. Natural enzymes soften dead skin and stubborn makeup while natural extracts like milk thistle and licorice root brighten skin and diminish the appearance of dark spots, leaving skin radiant, clean, and healthy.

Brightening MaskBRIGHTENING MASK($75) A unique brightening mask that helps to hydrate, revitalize, nourish and condition complexions.  This sophisticated mask helps address the effects of glycation, such as mottled, yellowish and wrinkled skin, by combining our exclusive BMC Oligopeptide Anti-Aging Complex™ with stabilized vitamin C, glycolic and kojic acid to help brighten skin, refine its texture, improve its tone and elasticity and accelerate its natural cell turnover.  Results are a fresher, more invigorated complexion with a remarkable youthful glow.

Microderm Scrub for Face and BodyDAILY MICRO DERM SCRUB ($28) The daily micro derm scrub is a favorite stimulation product regardless of age or gender. This refreshing and invigorating sudsing citrus scrub will start your morning off great. Use the daily micro derm scrub in the shower on you face, neck, decollete, and arms for soft renewed skin. Botanically based, our daily micro derm scrub uses naturally renewable raw materials and never uses micro beads and is cruelty-free.

CLARISONIC MIA 2 WHITE SONIC SKIN CLEANSING SYSTEM ($169) 2 SPEED FACIAL SONIC CLEANSINGMia 2, enhanced with two speeds and the brand’s patented T-Timer which allows you to customize your skincare needs. Follow the T-Timer prompts while gently moving the brush head in small circular motions. CLARISONIC recommends spending 20 seconds on your forehead, 20 seconds on your nose and chin, 10 seconds on one cheek and 10 seconds on the other cheek. Its sonic technology gently yet deeply cleanses pores without abrasion or harsh chemicals, removing six times more makeup than manual cleansing so that products absorb better and your skin is more receptive to skincare ingredients. *I use my 3-1 Normal to Oily Daily Cleanser with the Radiance Brush head and my skin has never, ever looked better, no joke*  

CLARISONIC RADIANCE BRUSH HEAD ($27) Radiance Brush Head provides a gentle yCLARISONIC Radiance Brush Headet effective cleanse with extra-soft and plush bristles and rounded bristle tips.

 The following SeneGence products may be purchased directly from your’s truly. Holler at  me via email or send a direct message via Facebook and/or Instagram (Business or Personal). How bow dah contact options?! I told you I had some time…(Also look up that video if you want a laugh and have zero idea what I’m talking about.)

3-in-1 Normal to Oily Cleanser3-in-1 NORMAL TO OILY CLEANSER($30) This triple-action cleanser works to cleanse, tone and hydrate while helping to maintain skin’s moisture. Each formula is detergent- free and works to restore pH while effectively removing dirt, oil and bacteria. There are 4 skin types for treatment options: Dry, Normal to Dry, Normal to Oily, and Oily to Acne. Not sure which one you need? Here is a guide for you.


SeneGence Climate ControlCLIMATE CONTROL  ($30) Climate Control is hydration in the purest form. Made of the smallest molecular weight, this moisturizing spritz delivers pure SenePlex Complex, natural oils and beneficial ingredients for cellular repair to the skin at the deepest level. A unique delivery system separates the two key ingredients until shaken, combined and activated for use.  More on this gem here

IMG_2846COLOR CORRECTING TINTED MOISTURIZER ($45) Enjoy sheer coverage, color correction benefits and skin protection in one easy step. Swipe on this smooth cream with light to medium color coverage over moisturizer or under foundation, if more coverage is desired. It works to counteract redness and decrease sun and age spots.

MAKESENSE PEARLIZER (Original $50 – Advanced Anti-Aging $60) Original MakeSense Pearlizer adds a luminous and radiant glowing finish. Mix with your favorite MakeSense Foundation shade or lightly layer after makeup application with a brush. Advanced Anti-Aging MakeSense Foundation Pearlizer enjoy the luminous finish of original Pearlizer with additional anti-aging moisturizers, minerals and vitamins.

Read more about these fab must haves for GORGE skin here and here and another here

Enjoy and please let me know if you have other fave products in your beauty arsenal that are your go-to, must-have products that I need to try!



Instant Smokey Eye – Beauty Hack

If you know me well, then you know that before my husband and I got married I warned him that there were two things that I would forever splurge on without regret: jeans and beauty/skincare products. I bet he regrets that now (bwahahaha). But seriously, all kidding aside I wish I had thrown in a designer bag/shoe clause.

One of my favorite makeup artists Claudio Riaz, has this amazing set of “Instant Look” brushes. They are worth every penny. You will find naysayers online, but I’m betting that they didn’t have this splurging convo with their spouse beforehand. Regardless, I adore the “Instant Smoke Eye” brush, but I will agree that the price is a little steep at $95. Which can be purchased from Barney’s here. But, watch this quick (20ish second) demo: 

I digress, but I was looking for more cost-effective brushes to try to mimic this one, (which I am still going to purchase and try some of these others out) but I had an “ah-ha” moment when I was getting ready for bed. My favorite nighttime skin routine product is the Collagen Night Pak (deets below); which just so happens to include an application brush that is pretty similar to Instant Smoke Eye! Bingo-Bango-Bongo!Download-3

So I tried it out and, boom! Works just as well. I am not going to lie and tell you that I liked it more than the original, but the included SeneGence application brush is a higher quality than the other alternative options I was looking at, and as an added bonus, it comes with the best skincare product that has ever graced my vanity (yes I previously used La Mer, amongst others…and this is my favorite EVENING product, hands-down)! So for $85, you can get both this kickass product and a brush to provide an instant smokey eye. So allow me to bore you with my attempt at a tutorial. I had my daughter home with me for half the week, so I had some time on my hands…or eyes. I also might or might not be enjoying a cocktail as well speak.

I currently have 5 in stock and ready to ship ($85+ Shipping) shoot me an email here to claim yours! Also, I still have some of these adorable canvas makeup bags (your choice) as a free gift with purchase!

p.s. this might come as a complete shocker, but this is actually my favorite SeneGence product…over LipSense! #nojoke #thankmelater

Summer Special

I’m getting SO excited about Summer approaching, which is slightly funny given the fact that I am going to be recovering from shoulder surgery, but none-the-less I love the season! I’m all about lake and beach trips, lounging by the pool, cookouts, etc. It’s also my birthday and my hubby’s too, in July. But enough of my rambling…I was going to wait until Memorial Day weekend to break these bad boys out, but I got them in the mail Saturday and I just can’t wait!

While supplies last ( but don’t worry I ordered over 40) with every purchase of $50+, you will have the option of choosing one of these ADORABLE makeup pouches! My personal fave is a toss-up between “Wing It. Life Eyeliner. Everything.” and “Confidence Level: Selfie With No Filter”.


Also, I threw together some deals and packages to make gift giving a cinch (if you do want to get me a b-day present)! Kidding, but seriously Mother’s Day is approaching, as is wedding season, etc. and not to mention that all of these products are in such a high demand they are temporarily out-of-stock (literally every. single. one.) So get it gurl! Also, items can be mixed and matched…I’m just throwing out some ideas but all products can be purchased individually. I will update this post later this afternoon to include all of my current in-stock LipSense color options, but in the meantime feel free to reach out and drop me a line to inquire about available LipSense and ShadowSense colors, or to purchase email me here.



Spring Lippies

With help from Allure, I’m mapping out the top 7 spring lipstick trends and which LipSense color and/or gloss is going to get you the crave-worthy looks that will be on everyone’s lips—literally.

Spring Lip Trends


I love a gorge matte, red; it’s classic, elegant and never goes out of style. My LipSense picks are SheLaLa and Cranberry. While we do have a lovely Crimson Red, it’s got a little shimmer to it—these two colors are matte, and topped with our LipSense Matte Gloss you will have a perfect pout that lasts allllll day! To purchase the Cranberry LipSense, SheLaLa Lipsense or the Matte LipSense Gloss email me (Christy) at everlastingbeautyco@gmail.com. Limited quantities available, so snag one of these lovelies soon!

Next up, magenta lips. I’m not a pink person, I wish I was because I would love to rock this trend, but I feel like a trampy clown when I try. But I love how the 3 shades I have chosen for this Fuscia (yes, that is how it’s spelled-no idea why), Kiss for a Cause and Razzberry are the perfect magenta shades. Top with any of our glosses, but I think that the Rose Gloss would be a lovely pair. All of these beauties, may be purchased by emailing me here!

Electric Orange, which hello, can be achieved with our gorgeous Electric Tangerine. I love this shade for Spring and Summer. This is one of our Limited Edition shades, but because I adore this shade, I stocked up on plenty! (You’re welcome-insert wink.) Again to purchase this limited edition LipSense shade email me directly here.

Baby Blue is probably not a trend I would try; but if you’re hip, you go gurl! Did you know that our ShadowSense eyeshadows can be used as a long-lasting lip color (in addition to many other uses)? For $22 this is a steal!! I use mine for concealer, blush, eyebrows, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow (duh) and lipstick! I love a multi-use tool and this just makes my weird OCD self, so happy! So if you want to give this a shot, get down with your bad self and purchase it here!

Chestnut Rose for the (clothed) nude lady, haha! I love a deep nude and these are some great color options, Honey Rose LipSense will get you that perfect blend of an underlying rose; the other options are great too—Hazelnut LipSense and Praline Rose LipSense, topped with our Rose Gloss will be gorgeous!! To purchase these awesome shades, email me here.

Last but not least, I’m throwing the final two together, glitter and silvery gloss. LipSense glosses can be worn by themselves or topped with any of our 70+ long lasting lip colors to get the prettiest sparkling lips that won’t budge all day! My picks for this trend, Gold Glitter Gloss, Silver Glitter Gloss and our limited edition Diamond Kiss Gloss (which is made with REAL finely crushed diamonds). I feel so fancy wearing it (wink) but actually I really do. Again, claim yours here.

If you’re interested in signing up as a LipSense distributor (because come on you get discounts from 20-50% off retail, it’s pretty wonderful) you can also shoot me an email and I would love to provide you with information or answer any questions you might have. There is no pressure or minimums with this company; you can make it what you to! I think there might be just a few links to my email above, ha, but here it is again everlastingbeautyco@gmail.com.

I’d love to hear from you!




LipSense Giveaway: 3 Uses for LipSense

Because I have awesome blog followers who aren’t following me on Facebook  or Instagram I wanted to share my fun LipSense Giveaway! And my newest discovery with the Espresso LipSense from the limited-edition Tuscany collection.

Well today I ran out of contacts and was forced to wear my glasses, so I needed something to really make my brows stand out and I am running low on my go-to ShadowSense in Bronze Shimmer, so I decided to give the Espresso LipSense a shot. And I LOVE it! Used it as my eyeliner, too and the 1st layer on my lips! Topped with a mystery color. If you can guess correctly what I used for the next 2 layers, you win a free color (your choice of the 2)! If there is a tie I’ll draw! Although, I don’t know if I’ll want to part with my Espresso, since I’m loving it for my eyes! ShadowSense is one of our more versatile products, but it’s pretty awesome that I can use my lip color that lasts up to 18+ hours on my eyes too.


Here are two color charts to help you out! I think you’ll be surprised which color is used to create this combination. Post your guesses in the comments below! I’ll choose a winner here, and on my social pages.


LipSense Commission – Is This Real Life?!

So when I started with the company at the very tail-end of September 2015, I had absolutely zero intention of actually selling LipSense, I just wanted the product discounts (which are awesome, BTW) because paying retail was just not going to fly with my hubby. Well, after spending several months watching my direct uplines teams and businesses just EXPLODE with success, I realized that I truly had an amazing opportunity right there in front of me. I decided that I was going to start giving it my all, in my own way. I’m not a sales-y, pushy personality and I just assumed that was the only way of being successful. But it is not. I have slowly built my team, my personal downline is currently 25 awesome women spanning from 2 countries and 8 states! I just hit a new rank increase this week (whoop, whoop), and my personal sales from January were the highest they have been! I watched 2 of my friends just increase in rank, with a $2,000,000.00 team and almost $1,000,000.oo team (any day now for her) and it’s pretty incredible to watch and be a part of such a life-changing company. While I’m not at that level yet, I know that I will be. It’s been amazing seeing my growth once I started actually putting effort and work into it, so it’s only going up from here!

Not everyone is comfortable sharing what they typically make per commission check, but some are and not in a bragging way, in an inspiring, “this is attainable for all” way. In fact, someone from my team put together these images of how many months they have been selling LipSense and SeneGence and the amount of just their NOVEMBER commission checks (not sales, only commission and just from ONE month)! Prepare to be amazed! There are so many others, this is just an array of time/income. In full disclosure, my November was 14 months and $348 commission, but over $1,600 in sales!

Hopefully, I’ll come back to update this post in a year and be able to report a $40K per month check. I do like to refer to this as magic money, because what other industry/company advances you and compensates so well in such a short period of time?!

Want to find out more? Ask questions? Get involved in a ground floor (and groundbreaking) opportunity? I’d be happy to help in any way I can!